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                                                                                                                                                                                                                Mike Rob and the 601 Band are guaranteed to                                                                take your life experiences and put them to music                                                              that transcends the  body and cruises the depths of your soul. Specializing in entertaining you, their surprising choreography, smooth, original sound and a captivating appeal is a lure for audiences of all ages.

Over the years, members of 601 have shared the stage with such musical wonders as the legendary Johnny Taylor, the timeless Gladys Knight, the melodic Manhattans, Boys II Men and Clarence Carter. The lead vocalist, Mike Rob, was also named the Jackson Music Awards’ 2007 Male Vocalist of the Year.

These exceptional musicians are veterans to the entertainment industry. Some members have spent as many as 20 or more years not only performing but managing, writing and consulting.

We invite you to stimulate your senses. Give yourself permission to take a musical retreat into years from the past, when lyrics mimicked the times and soul music came from just that…the soul.


    Jackson Music Awards                                                      JFP - Best of Jackson 2018 
2019 Male Vocalist of the Year             -------                            Best R&B Artist/Group: 
            Mike Rob                                                                      Mike Rob and the 601 Band

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